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Bahraini Startup Pledges for Refugees Crisis Relief

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Starting on the 16th of November, the world’s first Bahraini crowd funding campaign will be released on Indiegogo.com, one of the world’s most renowned crowd funding websites. A company by the name of Nomadi promises not only to bring us the latest innovation in design and function but they have also promised a good percentage of their startup profits to help the U.N refugee relief efforts in time for the harshness of the coming winter.

Nomadi is a Bahraini startup company that believes one does not need to be concerned with one’s self to achieve success, as its founder Mr. Said Eldajani told us “Life is a delicate ecosystem, if you wish for balance, you can only ever take as much as you give” and so Nomadi was born on the principle of always giving those in the most dire of need the help they deserve, and Mr. Eldajani is determined to encourage us all to lift our sleeves, and join in.

As the name suggests, Nomadi as a company encourages the sense of adventure in all of us, asking us to push our boundaries, to get out of our comfort zone and to record our experiences in personal ways such as those that only the feel of pen and the texture of paper can truly provide. In that spirit, Nomadi will hold special contests in the coming weeks on their Facebook page with big prizes for those that are willing to participate in the first chapter of the company’s life.

Nomadi’s new journal as Mr. Eldajani puts it “is aimed at preserving our middle eastern heritage while keeping to modern standards and freeing us from the limitations of our ever growing dependency on portable technology”. With its slim and specially engineered battery that was designed to fit easily between the pages in the journal, Nomadi will give the owners power in an emergency to charge their phone or camera up to 300% of its capacity. The uniquely stylish filofax promises to “Be by your side whenever you feel the need to capture an idea, jot down a meeting, or to provide some juice to your phone or camera to capture that special moment or make that important call.”

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The upcoming and first of its kind crowdfunding campaign in Bahrain will definitely be a memorable moment in Nomadi’s journey, and will surely help pave the way for more startups to get the funding they need to achieve their dreams in the region.

Look for Nomadi’s campaign starting this 16th of November on www.indiegogo.com to help provide power, shelter and food for the many refugees before the coming winter, and don’t forget to follow their Facebook page for the upcoming contests on www.facebook.com/nomadi.bh


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