Mr. Mohammed Al-Binjassim, Head of Information Technology at Bahrain Airport Services (BAS), announced that the company has launched 3 new IT Systems and upgrades this year to ensure the re-engineering and automation of procedures and operations in order to achieve higher efficiency and productivity.

Mr. Al-Binjassim added: “One of the new systems launched is the ERP system in collaboration with a global systems company. The ERP system has replaced a set of previous systems, including the HR, the financial, the procurement and the warehouse management systems, focusing on issuing more accurate qualitative reports to support the company’s decision-making. This system will also allow faster report generation which will allow management to make more proactive decisions and chart future strategies.

BAS innovative and efficient ICT department is run by qualified and specialized Bahraini employees, representing over 70% of the total number of the department’s staff. The ICT department includes 6 different sections such as the Communications Section, the Developers and Programmers Section, the Information Security Section, the Networks Section the Aviation Technology Section and the Support Section. To keep the quality of its ICT department, BAS constantly invests in its employees by offering them continuous training to stay on the cutting edge of one of the fastest changing industries.

Mr. Al-Binjassim said: “we have upgraded one of our Aviation Communication System (SITATEX) to the latest version (V.8), which will allow a better communication with other airports worldwide.  The new system saw upgrades to the local network infrastructure, servers and employees computers at the airport. The system works to link Bahrain International Airport to various airports around the world allowing better international coordination and more efficiency when dealing with emergencies. The upgrade of this system is part of BAS’s strategy to improve the technological infrastructure as per ISO27001 requirements.  BAS ICT department was ISO certified in 2016 and recertified in 2017.

Bahrain Airport Services Company (BAS) was established in 1977. It is the official operator of ground services at Bahrain International Airport since its establishment. A trusted name in the world of services as a company certified by the Air Transport Safety Audit Program of the International Air Transport Association. BAS offers a number of commercial activities including: aircraft and passenger handling services, catering services, aircraft engineering services, the Bas Engineering Training Center (BAETC), as well as owning and managing airport lounges.