Ms. Hana Abdul Wahid, Senior Manager of Human Capital at Bahrain Airport Services Company (BAS), declared that the company’s mid-term and long-term strategy set priority to empower Bahraini employees to overtake leading positions whenever possible. In order to achieve such goals and insure the continuity of the quality of BAS services provided to its customers the Human Capital Departments works hand-in-hand with the Learning and Development Department to give the adequate training to its employees.

Ms. Hana declared: “we work hard to create opportunities at different levels of employment within the company and encourage Bahraini employees to challenge themselves and take more responsibility.  This program would not have been successful without the assistance of the Learning and Development Department in providing the appropriate training to prepare the employees to their new challenges.”

In coherence with the Expat replacement plan set by BAS, a training program for leaders of the future was launched in 2017, where one or more of each department is nominated to be fully qualified and trained to replace their manager once they retire or leave the company for any other circumstances. “We are confident that with the proper training, we will develop qualified citizens to take leadership positions instead of foreigners.” Says Ms. Hana Abdul Wahid

In addition, Ms. Hana said: “This approach is part of the company’s strategy that focuses on investing in human capital and charting future aspirations continuously. The company is currently working on simulating one of the most advanced human resource models and benchmarking it against the most successful models in the region.   Ms. Hana added: “we are also reviewing and upgrading the current reward management system which will contribute to raising the level of employee performance and satisfaction, which will automatically benefit our customers.”