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Batelco Expands Its Global Network by 49% in Response to Increased Network Traffic

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Batelco continues to support various sectors during this exceptional period, with a particular focus on ensuring business continuity for companies and institutions of all sizes. Accordingly, Batelco has expanded its global network by 49% to accommodate data traffic across the network and the increasing use of digital solutions, including services over the Internet such as Virtual meetings, video conferencing and remote working, in addition to search engines and social media platforms. Batelco has managed to maintain the same levels of efficiency due to the quality and resilience of its global network.

Batelco has taken proactive steps in containing the increasing use of the Internet and its traffic through several important steps, such as developing and upgrading its global network, as well as improving the quality and flexibility of Internet services. In addition, the company has increased capacity for sites such as Google and Facebook. This is not only to meet the increased demand for local Broadband services, but also the regional operators to fulfil their IP growth.

Batelco Global is amongst the top providers in the GCC to offer protected solutions over terrestrial cable systems, with the Batelco Gulf Network (BGN) now robust enough to mitigate the risk of cable cuts and outages, which could impact customers’ core operations. Additionally, the BGN provides interconnectivity with other regional and global terrestrial and submarine cable systems, resulting in a fully protected ring on both terrestrial and submarine routes.

Adel Al Daylami – Chief Global Business Officer

Batelco Chief Global Business Officer Adel Al-Daylami, said, “At Batelco, we are committed to catering to the ever growing demands for data by providing an underlying infrastructure that ensures the efficiency of the communications network and its readiness to meet the different needs of our valued customers. Through Batelco Gulf Network, we endeavour to provide our corporate customers with an integrated and reliable infrastructure development, diverse fibre-optic routes, and connections to major telecommunications hubs, telehouses and PoPs, as well as links to both local and international fibre-optic cable networks.”

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“Batelco Global’s support is not limited to our Bahrain based customers but is also extended to our partners in the region to help in meeting the upsurge in demand from their customers during these unprecedented times. This is in line with Batelco’s Strategy for providing digital solutions and data management services locally and regionally.”

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