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Batelco Rewards Customers with Enhanced Internet Packages

Batelco Rewards Loyal Internet Customers and Offers Enhanced Value for New Customers

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The Fastest Got Better

Batelco, in line with its commitment to provide the best Internet experience for its customers is enhancing it’s customers fast internet packages and Superfast fibre intenet pakages to deliver higher speeds and higher thresholds.

Batelco rewards loyal Broadband Customers with automatic migration to a new range of enhanced packages certain to delight existing customers. New customers can also benefit by signing up for Batelco’s enhanced Fast or Superfast fibre packages which deliver speeds of up to 300Mbps and up to 1TB threshold.

As part of Batelco’s continuous efforts to keep-up with technology advancements and ensure its customers enjoy the most reliable fixed internet services anywhere and everywhere along with the highest speeds, Batelco has been expanding its fibre optic network into more areas. The is part of Batelco’s strategic plan to cover Bahrain with fibre and connect residents to very high speed access to the Internet to transform their user experience.

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Improving customers’ lifestyles through the provision of relevent communications solutions is a key priority for Batelco. Customers today rely on the availability of fast and reliable internet connections to carry out a number of their daily tasks. Batelco therefore designs and develops its portfolio of solutions to meet their evolving needs.

The new line up of enhanced Fast and Superfast Fibre internet packages are available for existing and new customers. Detailed information about Batelco’s internet packages is available on www.batelco.com or by calling 196.

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