Batelco Group Chief Wholesale Officer Ahmed Abdellatif is among Batelco’s representatives who will attend Telecoms World Middle East and Carriers World Middle East 2017, taking place in Dubai on September 18 and 19. Mr Abdellatif will also participate as a Keynote Panellist to discuss Organisational Evolution.

Mr Abdellatif said that he was very pleased to be joining the discussion on the need for organisational evolution within the wholesale side of the communications industry.

“The wholesale side of the telecommunications industry is changing rapidly to support the vast changes taking place in the enterprise & retail sides of the business. While this change imperative creates a number of challenges and necessitates complex restructuring decisions, it is also opening the door to a vast array of growth opportunities for those Telcos that are not afraid to commit to making those changes.”

Telecoms World Middle East is among the biggest and most influential telecom events in the region dedicated to examining the future of telecoms in the Middle East, North Africa, South and Central Asia and across the globe and attracting over 800 attendees from the full spectrum of the industry.

Batelco’s executives’ participation in keynote panel discussions at such prestigious regional events reflects the Company’s position as a leading organising that is at the forefront of innovation in the region.

Such high-level regional events, that attract attendees from all over the world, offer Batelco a platform to meet key players from the telecoms industry to exchange knowledge and build relationships. The Carriers World event offers a platform to meet and discuss subjects related specifically to the wholesale business which faces a number of unique challenges.