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BBC FIRST Continue “East Enders” show for fans of “Albert Square Eyes”

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Lovers of the series “East Enders” can now follow the latest developments in the life of “Albert Square” exclusively on BBC First Channel only after two days of release in the United Kingdom.

The new channel will be launched exclusively on OSN. In the Middle East during the times more enthusiasm for programs in the history of television serials with the return of two of the most creative television personalities who are “Peggy” which in turn long as Barbara Windsor, and “Grant”, which in turn mediates where Ross Kemp Mitchell family theater.

Starting on Tuesday, February 2 one will be able to view BBC First the follow-up of 17 new episodes in a row, to continue the last episodes that were displayed on the BBC Entertainment .

And it runs a marathon viewing from ten o’clock in the morning until seven in the evening, where the display will feature the special New Year’s Eve and Christmas holiday exciting episodes, “Bobby Biel” a day of joy and Eachd “Mick” and “Linda Carter” a dramatic turn.

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This is followed by the start of series regular on time on Wednesday, February 3rd at six thirty in the evening where the rings will be presented just two days after the presentation in the United Kingdom.

All episodes will be available for 14 days on a video on demand service from OSN

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