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BBK receives two prestigious awards from Visa

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BBK, Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, has recently been recognized through two prestigious awards from Visa. The first award for being “The first bank to launch Samsung Wallet with Visa in Bahrain”, and the second for ‘Most rewarding installment offer on Visa products in Bahrain”.

The awards are part of Visa Global Service Quality Awards, which focus mainly on innovation, efficiency, and cardholder satisfaction.

Dr. Abdulrahman Saif, BBK Group CEO received the awards from Dr. Saeeda Jaffar, Senior Vice President, and Group Country Manager for the GCC, during his visit to Visa’s headquarters in Dubai.

These awards were given to BBK in recognition of its efforts to promote Visa’s digital products in Bahrain and for providing the best resources and techniques for incorporating Visa’s operations within the bank’s overall framework. This is consistent with BBK’s dedication to improving its standing and active participation as a reliable partner for the commercial sector in the banking industry in Bahrain.

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Dr. Saif said: “These achievements are a result of our approach during the previous years, which included creating a digital road map and taking proactive measures to prepare for the future. This includes major investments in Bahrain and the region’s most cutting-edge payment systems and services.”

According to Dr. Saif, in Bahrain, BBK holds a superior market position and has a significant customer base. It also leads in providing the broadest worldwide “Visa” product network, which ensures the enhancement of the banking experience for its customers.

“Samsung Wallet with Visa forms part of the bank’s array of payment options, enabling customers to perform secure cashless transactions. It is characterized by simplicity and ease of handling to make purchases faster and more conveniently.”  

Dr. Saif concluded by emphasizing how the bank’s promotions and special offers for all Visa cards and products reflect its endeavors to achieve digital transformation. It enables consumers to conduct financial transactions following the highest standards of security and offers banking and financial services through advanced technologies that keep up with modern payment concepts.

Dr. Adel Salem, General Manager of Retail Banking at BBK, expressed his pride in BBK winning these two awards and said: “BBK has been recognized with two worldwide awards for its accomplishments in digital banking services on a global scale. BBK will continue to expand its partnerships with international digital payment institutions to continue offering its customers a distinctive banking experience that meets their aspirations considering the rising expectations of consumers to obtain the best digital payment services and the soaring need for businesses to participate in the digital economy scene.”

From his part, CrediMax Chief Executive, Ahmed A. Seyadi, said: “BBK has always showcased its leadership in terms of delivering digital innovative services and these awards from Visa echoes the bank’s position and direction. It is also a recognition award for achieving advances in the march of digital financial services in the Kingdom, one that benefits the Kingdom’s economy and accelerates its digital transformation.”

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