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BDB partners with Neurobrand to launch arts incubator

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Bahrain-based branding agency, Neurobrand was awarded a major contract to design and develop a brand identity for Bahrain Development Bank’s (BDB) new arts cluster and incubator, which is set to become a permanent display of the Kingdom’s creative talent.

The project, to be built at the current the Al Andalus Gardens site in Manama, will consist of a series of ‘art pods’ that can be leased by individual Bahraini artists as studio space, individual galleries or shops. Bahrain’s arts scene has been flourishing in recent years, and so this arts cluster is being created as a place for the country’s creative people to congregate, showcase their talent, and inspire the public.

Under the umbrella of BDB’s Rowad Program, the development will also feature boutique cafés, restaurants and entertainment for visitors and tenants to enjoy all year round.

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“This will be an important step in fostering the development of our local arts scene and showcasing to the world the talent that exists here in Bahrain,“ said Shaikh Hesham bin Mohamed Al Khalifa, Deputy General Manager General Manager Head – Development Services Division, BDB, who has contributed to the development of several economic and social programmes in the Kingdom, including the Bahrain-Arab Model for Enterprise Development & Investment Promotion.

“Neurobrand was selected following a strict assessment of its previous work and its team’s specific ideas for this project. We wanted a Bahraini company onboard, which understands the needs of the local market, while still being able to provide international standards and quality. Neurobrand’s strategy best understood the specific needs of the brand we want to create.”

Sarah Baqer, Managing Director, Neurobrand and an artist herself, said that the arts cluster, which will be launched before year-end, would also contribute towards developing the community spirit of the country, uniting its artists in an exciting new venture.

“We are very excited by the combination of expertise and energy that Areije Al Shakar, Vice President Deputy Head, and the rest of the BDB team bring to the table. We are grateful for their trust in Neurobrand’s ability to deliver world class branding solutions that are both innovative and meet the strategic objectives of the project,” she said.

Neurobrand, an OSK Partners Company, is a Bahrain-based strategic creative agency that offers intelligent branding solutions and communications strategies to clients throughout the GCC.


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