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Be Responsible As You Revamp Yourself!

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Salons are open in the Kingdom from 27th May.  Ms. Raja Al-Saloom, Chief of Environmental Health, Public Health Directorate from Ministry of Health details the guidelines to be followed by Salons, precautions to be taken to combat COVID-19 by the Salon staff and also by the customers.

The Ministry of Health has issued resolution number 32 of 2020 and published through all formal channels. The safety rules to be met by beauty salons and barbershops are meant to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The guidelines have been published on the MoH official website and social media platforms. They have been translated from Arabic to different languages like English, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Turkish, and Tagalog so that everyone can understand and follow these requirements.

There are some general rules that already are published to prevention for COVID-19. There are important questions for each customer when you’re booking an appointment-Are they experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19? Have they been in contact with anyone with COVID-19?  It’s very important to answer these questions before booking an appointment. If answered ‘yes’, they will not get an appointment. There are several requirements for each service to follow, such as hair cutting, shaving and the other requirements that are all detailed in the requirements that were issued by the ministry.

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As the new campaign says “Be responsible”.

The regulatory department at the Ministry of Health plan inspections for all Salons in all governorates. The rules are strict for the benefit of the people and to contain the spread of COVID-19.  Violating the requirements is mentioned in resolution number 32, 2020, as prescribed in article 121 of the public health law. A penalty of prison for not less than three months and a fine not less than one thousand BD will be incurred to the violator. Anything that jeopardizes the safety or the health of either the customer or the worker is a violation and has to be sanctioned for that.

If the salons don’t have appropriate means to follow these guidelines, it’s better for them to remain closed until they find it.

Each one has an important role in fighting COVID-19. The doctors, nurses, health workers, the media, every person has their own road. Everyone should be responsible and stay safe. Everyone has his role. We all can fight COVID-19 altogether. We stand together, stand united in this fight to fight it out, and make Bahrain proud once again, to come out of this.

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