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BEACON RED to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities at Hack in the Box Amsterdam

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As CommSec Track Sponsor, BEACON RED is focused on enhancing the UAE’s cybersecurity ecosystem and attracting global talent

Bold and daring with a mission mindset, EDGE’s national security provider BEACON RED is proud to sponsor the CommSec Track at Hack in the Box (HITB) from 21-22 April. Providing a unique opportunity for one of the UAE’s premier cybersecurity leaders, BEACON RED has arrived in Amsterdam to showcase the country’s commitment to innovation, specialised technology needs, and attracting top global talent.

The CommSec Track at HITB is more than just a prestigious event with some of the industry’s most intrepid pioneers and experts. It is also an opportunity for the UAE’s most cutting-edge cyber professionals to engage with attendees and showcase their world-class capabilities in critical defence arenas, especially those unique to the evolving dynamism of the region. 

BEACON RED is recognised globally for its commitment to cyber security; investing heavily in research and development, mission oriented training, and partnering with leading regional and global organisations. Sponsoring the CommSec Track is also an extension of the UAE’s vision of becoming a global leader in technology and innovation, and its overall commitment to building secure and thriving digital ecosystems that will benefit the nation’s leading organisations, businesses, and industries.

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“Everything we do is mission oriented,” said Rogerio Lemos, BEACON RED’s Executive Director of Mission Engineering and Technology. “This is why sponsoring the CommSec Track is so important.” Reiterating the need for cyber defenders to collaborate globally, he added: “Seeing the next generation of UAE’s cybersecurity professionals compare their skills and work alongside HITB attendees from all over the world is not just deeply inspiring but also critical in how we identify and mitigate future threats.”

Contributing to the knowledge exchange at HITB is just one of the many ways the UAE is working to attract top global talent and address the complexity of hybrid threats developing over the horizon. With a fierce commitment to ideation, collaboration, and creative problem-solving, BEACON RED is always at the forefront of cybersecurity innovations in the region.

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