Beats of Bahrain & Bahrain for All Extend Support for Kerala Flood Relief


The Indian state Kerala has recently witnessed the worst flood in the last 76 years in the previous month. The flood washed away the lives, hopes and livelihood of millions in the state.

Beats of Bahrain and Bahrain for All in collaboration with Radio Mirchi, MegaMart and DHL extended their hands of support to Kerala and sent 1.5 ton relief materials to the state.

Mega Mart Supermarket had opened three collection counters at selected branches to collect the relief materials. Many Indians and non-Indians donated for this noble cause as informed by Radio Mirchi. The volunteers of Beats of Bahrain collected and packed the materials and DHL transported the relief package to the destination for free of cost.

“Our prayers are with the flood affected families. We have confidence that the state will soon recover and come back to its past glory.” Bahrain for All founder Nivedita Dhadphale mentioned.

“Our complete support will be there for the Kerala Government, who has set out to create the New Kerala,” Beats of Bahrain commented.