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Because little hands can make a big difference

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As we get ready for the new academic year to start, let’s remind our children how they should be saving and planning for a sustainable future by conserving the two main precious resources we have.

Children spend a majority of their day in schools, which are large units that consume a lot of electricity and water. Classrooms, restrooms, hallways, auditoriums and recreational centers are

always lit and air-conditioned for long durations everyday, on top of which it is necessary that they’re always kept clean which naturally entails using a tremendous amount of energy and water. About 20% of school’s overhead expenses go to electricity and water bills. Unfortunately,

many young children are unaware of the need to be very careful in using such resources which results to wasting, as well as recklessly using more than what’s required on a daily basis.

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This can be reduced by implementing a strict usage policy and a very effective awareness campaign throughout the year so that students and staff alike can work together to reduce the use of our resources. All of this can be done starting from home where adults should educate the young members of the family about the importance of conservation and saving at home and when they are at school.

Something as simple as switching off lights when rooms are unoccupied can result in huge savings in the long term. Instead of using tissues after washing hands, hand dryers are a better option (paper towels need more energy to manufacture compared to the electricity consumed by hand dryers). Turning taps off after use, not fiddling with the air-conditioners and not opening windows during the summer are some of the efforts students can make. Perhaps encouraging them by rewarding them in small ways would help, and in the long-run these develop as daily habits among children.

Building a generation of energy and environment-conscious youth is not difficult if the family as well as school is involved in their upbringing so that as they step into the bigger world, they will contribute to creating a lasting, positive impact.

For more tips visit http://www.actnowbh.org/

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