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Mrs. India Dubai International by Carnival Media Showcased best of Indian fashion. Family-friendly beauty pageant seeks to tap into UAE’s $27-billion fashion industry

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Produced by Carnival Media, the beauty pageant is also a firm salute to Indian fashion, which has a solid footing in the UAE market. According to a study undertaken by global consultancy Deloitte & Touche, the value of fashion in the UAE stood at $27.6 billion last year, ahead of Saudi Arabia at $21.9 billion and Qatar at $11.9 billion. Contestants at this year’s Mrs. India Dubai International donned the creations of one of India’s most renowned fashion designers, Manali Jagtap, during the coronation held on February 19 at Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai.

Mrs. India Dubai International is a beauty contest unique in the world of pageantry. It is a family-oriented competition, designed to promote today’s married women, their accomplishments, and commitment to the family and their marriage. The show also gives contestants an opportunity to showcase their fashion style, as well as offer them the chance to share their values during the week of activities leading up to the event.

The Mrs. India Dubai International series began 24 years ago, in Atlanta, Georgia, US. It was developed under higher standards than other pageant systems, with the aim to showcase women aged 21 to 56 years, who are married at least six months and a resident of the state or a citizen of the country they represent.

The contest is separated into three rounds. The first is the Interview Competition, which contributes 50% of the contestant’s overall score. Next is the Evening Gown round, valued at 25%, in which candidates are accompanied by their husbands. The remaining 25% is attributed to a Fitness Wear contest. Each contestant has the opportunity to select a cause of her choice that she has spent the year promoting. In keeping with the family spirit of the pageant, the winner was crowned by her husband. The winners of Mrs India Dubai internal 2016 2nd Runner up Shweta Domingo, 1st Runner up Priya Jethani and Winner Mrs India Dubai International 2016 Is Priyana Mehrotra .

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The show had celebrity judges Bollywood Actress and now producer winner of Asia Pacific Dia Mirzaa, Gagan Sharma director Carnival Group, Fashion entrepreneur and Designer Manali Jagtap, TV Actress and also one of the Miss Dubai finalist Sukriti Khandpal and Radio host Tarun with featured celebrity appearances and live performances from comedian Sorabh Pant, singer Romee Khan, saxophonist Tanique Fossa. The Pageant Director of Dubai Mrs Kareena Gehi encouraged the contestants.

“The Mrs India Dubai International series is about empowering married women and giving them a platform to promote the things they care about – everything from the family to health and fashion,” said Gagan Sharma Director Carnival Group.

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