“A journey through a woman’s soul”

Bhaumi is a dance ballet based on an Indian epic tale, Ramayan and gives rare insight to the life of Sita. The play throws light to the life of a husband and wife and highlights the role of a woman in the success of a marital relationship.

At every stage of an Indian woman‘s life Sita’s name is invoked. Ramayan is actually a character study of humans and their emotions. However, most of us have interpreted Sita’s character as weak and helpless.

The name, Sita, conjures up an image of a chaste, dutiful and ideal wife. Many have interpreted her as victimized and oppressed who obeyed her husband’s commands, followed him, remained faithful to him, served her in-laws or yielded to parental authority, generally did her duty whether she wanted to or not. In a world where the role of women is still being redefined Sita’s character teaches us valuable lessons for the contemporary society.

Bhaumi presents Sita’s life from a different angle. She is a liberated, cherished wife of Ram. She is bold yet soft. She shows the qualities of strength, courage, independence and self-control. She was outspoken and had the freedom to express herself but she never went against her duties. She sets an example for the women in the modern society.

This one-hour long ballet will be interspersed in English, as we are expecting a Multi-lingual audience. Our Team includes highly experienced and Professional dancers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With over 40 talented artists, we have a strong base in staging the event. Under the guidance and support of the Professional Choreographers, we are highly confident that we could make the show a grand success. We are expecting an exclusive audience comprising of Art connoisseurs, dance aficionados, top executives from distinguished firms in the island and business magnets of the Kingdom.

Date: 15th November’ 2019, Venue: The Bahrain Cultural Hall


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