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Bigo Live Launches “Family Month” Campaign to Celebrate International Day of Families

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In honor of the International Day of Families, which is celebrated on May 15th each year; Bigo Live, a global social livestreaming platform, launches its newest “Family Month campaign” for the very first time. The month-long campaign aims to demonstrate Bigo Live’s commitment to the international community and highlights the importance of working together as part of a family. The platform’s slogan for the campaign is “Together We’re Stronger”, representing what Bigo Live has been doing, by encouraging users to build meaningful connections that bring people together.

The concept of “Family” has been a unique feature on Bigo Live which motivates like-minded users to join a group of members who support each other in achieving their goals. The initiative was introduced in the recent past to help broadcasters easily find support and glory through mutual assistance between family members. By partnering with other creators as allies, supporters, followers, and viewers, broadcasters can receive support and recognition to excel in their fields. Furthermore, the feature helps to nurture unparalleled social connections, strengthening the bonds between family members and beyond.

Bigo Live’s latest campaign further underscores its commitment to supporting the development of families on the platform. During “Family Month”, users are invited to participate in the various events, competitions, and activities, such as multi-guest room competitions, themed discussions around families, and knowledge contest knockouts. Bigo Live also encourages users to join family communities and share interesting posts within their family communities using the Community feature. The most popular family

in terms of interactions and engagement will be determined and awarded at the end of the month by the platform.

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The Family Month, which has been active on Bigo Live since May, has begun garnering increasing interest from the platform’s users. Most notably, content creators such as Bessanismail and Shimaa_qasim have also recently joined the Bigo Live family and found a virtual home. In addition to launching various initiatives within the application, Bigo Live arranged an in-person gathering event with different family members in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to celebrate the launch of Family Month, which also attracted several notable content creators including the likes of Waad Shaat, Haneen Hamdi, and Snooma Al-Othaibi to attend. They gathered together to share their family stories and experiences, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere that reflected the spirit of Family Month.

A spokesperson at Bigo Live commented, “At Bigo Live, we are passionate about creating a platform where users can come together to connect, collaborate, and build strong, supportive communities. With the concept of family at the heart of our application, we recognise the importance of working together with family members to achieve common goals and celebrate each other’s successes.” The spokesperson added, “Through our ‘Family Month’ campaign, we hope to encourage our users to build meaningful connections and create lasting relationships with like-minded individuals from all around the world. The campaign is our commitment to fostering those connections and empowering our users to come together as one big, happy family.”

Within the coming weeks, Bigo Live will be introducing the Shahrazad Nights competition, consisting of qualifying rounds between families for the month of May under the slogan #StrongerTogether (معا اقوى). The competition will be arranged between teams from two different families and will take place weekly at 11 pm KSA time on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday and broadcasted live on the official account of the admin ID: Menabc1. Additionally, Bigo Live also encourages users to participate in the community and share their feelings about family using the hashtag #StrongerTogether (معا اقوى#). Users can also follow the latest developments and check out Bigo Live’s official social media accounts to learn more about the campaign, or they can tag @bigolivearabia for a chance to be re-shared on the official account.

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