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Children with Special Needs Programme To Be Launched

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Bin Faqeeh, a leading Bahrain-based real estate investment company, and KUUR Rehabilitation Dubai today announced the “Bin Faqeeh Children with Special Needs Programme” in the Kingdom of Bahrain that will be under the patronage HE.Jameel Bin Mohammed Ali Hamaidan Labour & social Development Minister.

The Programme, being offered in cooperation with KUUR Rehabilitation Dubai, a dedicated and highly experienced centre for physiotherapy including a strong track recording of working with special needs children and adults, is open to children with all conditions aged 4-12 years and has been specially designed to provide much needed support to special needs children and their parents in the Kingdom.

The focus of the Programme will be to take special needs children on a journey towards healing and rehabilitating by understanding their unique situations and revealing their hidden potential – thus empowering and encouraging them to move towards a more balance and enjoyable life.

The programme, which will be held in three phases and over a 10 weeks duration, will kick off on 4-5 November 2017 with a two-day Orientation Workshop at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain aimed at creating awareness of multiple conditions of special needs and the proposed approaches to understanding them. This will be followed by a three-day Individual Assessment period where a panel of therapists will evaluate each registered child individually and create a unique programme for them which is individually suitable to their specific conditions and needs. With assessments complete, Therapy Sessions, will commence with each child provided with their needed therapies in Abdulla Bin Ali Kano Center. During this period parents will be kept up to date as regards to the therapy progress and may be requested to continue some of the exercises with the child at home. The sessions will all be administered by KUUR Rehabilitation’s expert team of highly specialized therapists who will offer a broad spectrum of proven and evidence based treatments to the participating children.

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To register and take part in the programme, parents of special needs children need to fill out the form for participation in the Orientation Workshop by 4 November 2017 by visiting:  www.binfaqeeh.com/binfaqeehorientation/?lang=en..

Commenting on the programme launch in Bahrain, Mr. Faisal A. Wahid Faqeeh, Chairman of Bin Faqeeh leading Bahrain-based real estate investment company, said “It is everyone’s responsibility to look after special needs children. We need to combine our efforts as individuals, societies, government bodies and businesses to help further their interests and quality of life. This programme aims to show the special abilities these children have and offer support for parents, educators and children alike.”

Faqeeh added, “We hope that this initiative will raise awareness about the nature of special needs and its symptoms among other cases of special needs and will support the integration of these childreninto society.”

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