Sunday, September 26, 2021

    Bin Hindi celebrates Mother’s Day

    As a part of their responsibilities to empower women in the workforce, A. A. Bin Hindi Group celebrated the Mother’s Day on Thursday, 21st March 19. The event was attended by A. A. Bin Hindi Group Vic-Chairman & CEO, Mr. Ahmed Bin Hindi, A. A. Bin Hindi Group’s Directors & deputy CEO, Mr. Khalid Bin Hindi, Mr. Nawaf Bin Hindi and Mr. A. Aziz Bin Hindi, along with the HR & PR Team members.

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    Highlighting the achievements of today’s women and working mothers in the corporate world, Mr. Ahmed Bin Hindi commented, “we greatly appreciate women’s role in the private sector and their role & contribution as effective partners in the Bahraini’s economic development”.

    “Women are an integral part of the nation’s strength and we as a group see this as vital to encourage and appreciate their efforts in developing the business as well as benefiting themselves in terms of their career growth” said A. A. Bin Hindi Group’s Director, Mr. Khalid Bin Hindi.

    While congratulating them, BHG Vice-President & CEO expressed his sincere thanks to all female employees and presented them with gifts.

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