Biryani At Atayeb Restaurant

Taste of Tradition with With Chef Mujahid Ahmed Kolkar


The Atayeb Restaurant, located in Budaiya, might have the kind of lunch you are looking forward to have. The decor, being very simple and home-like, could grab your mood. What’s the best in Atayeb is the fast service. You really don’t have to wait for long when you order your dish. When in Atayeb, you must try out their drinks; specially recommended Soda with Blue berry! Keeping all that aside, BTW paid a visit at The Atayeb Restaurant and got our dish of the week which is the Biryani (1 KG). Our Chef of this week, Mujahid, showed us how to make Biryani, Atayeb Style!

Here are the ingredients:
Chicken 1 KG
Rice 1KG
Oil 100 Gr
Ghee Butter 50 Gr
Yogurt 100 Gr
Coriander Powder 10 Gr
Garam Masala 6 Gr
Salt 12 Gr
Chilly Powder 7 Gr
Ginger 30 Gr
Garlic 30 Gr
Lemon 2 PSC
Coriander Fresh 20 Gr
Fresh Mint 20 Gr