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BNET launches e-Marketplace to manage supply chain operations under a single digital platform

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Bahrain’s National Broadband Network (BNET) announced the launch of its e-Marketplace platform, a unified digital platform dedicated to the management of supply chain operations and supplier relations. The launch is part of the company’s digital transformation efforts, to accelerate autonomy and automation of internal processes and enhance operational efficiency. 

BNET partnered with SAP Software Solutions to implement its e-Marketplace project by deploying SAP’s Ariba e-procurement and supply chain cloud solutions for enterprise systems, a leading solution in digital collaborative commerce that guarantees ease of access. This supports BENT`s commitment to adopting the latest technological innovations and software, as well as its pursuit of best practice and excellence in managing procurement and supplier relations.

In addition to digitalizing supplier operations, SAP Ariba solutions provides real-time and predictive analytics that turn data into actionable insights. This supports BNET with preparedness to keep pace with rapid changes and future developments. The system also integrates advanced technologies including “Internet of Things”, “Blockchain”, “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning”.

The newly launched e-Marketplace aims to improve the assessment and approval process of supplier offers and simplify management of supplier and vendor relationships. This positively reflects on BNET’s overall performance and the level of services it provides to its direct and indirect customers.

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The project is aligned with BNET’s direction to adopt digital cloud solutions across all its operations and to optimize processes by employing innovative technologies and solutions.

Mr. Mohamed Bubashait, BNET`s CEO, said: “BNET’s e-marketplace is an innovative solution in line with our digital transformation goals and supports our efforts to expand our network of local and international suppliers, in order to enhance competition and modernize our operations. Employing innovative technologies is an essential part of our strategy, and our adoption of SAP Ariba’s digital solution confirms our absolute commitment to continue optimizing our operations and achieve further success and progress in our work.”

BNET Director of Procurement and Logistics Mr. Jaber Almosallam added: “The e-Marketplace project is part of our efforts to enhance coordination and communication with our network of existing and future suppliers. The new platform enables a paperless and efficient supplier relations workflow, beginning with the submission of bids, to tenders, to signing agreements and issuing invoices.”

“BNET’s innovative e-Marketplace platform shows how the organization is embracing the world’s largest business-to-business network to drive innovation in procurement and supplier relations, and also support Bahrain’s diversified economic growth,” said Hassan Saleh, Managing Director, SAP Bahrain. “We will continue to exchange best practices to support BNET’s cloud-based digital transformation journey and growth as an Intelligent Enterprise.”

Along with e-Marketplace, BNET launched a new supplier relations page on its official website to help guide existing and potential vendors and provide the necessary support to make the transition to its new digital platform a smooth and easy experience.

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