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BNET opens Cybersecurity Operations Centre (CSOC)

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Bahrain’s National Broadband Network (BNET), launched in October 2019 and responsible for providing broadband network services across the Kingdom of Bahrain, has opened its new Cybersecurity Operations Centre (CSOC) to protect BNET’s digital infrastructure from cyber-attacks and ensure safe and reliable services for BNET customers; licensed service providers in the Kingdom.

CSOC will operate around the clock, seven days a week (24 hours / 7 days), to ensure the timely detection of threats and rapid response to cyber-attacks targeting BNET’s digital infrastructure, as part of continuous efforts to offer high-quality, secure and reliable connectivity services.

BNET continues to work on enhancing National broadband connectivity and developing a resilient and safe digital telecommunications infrastructure, in line with the Fifth National Telecommunication Plan (NTP5).  Protecting this critical infrastructure from any disruption and establishing a secure foundation for digital connectivity in the Kingdom of Bahrain is a key pillar of BNET’s strategy.


While at BNET headquarters to go over work progress, BNET Board Chairman Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and board members visited CSOC, as well as both the Service Management Centre (SMC) launched to support BNET customers and licensed service providers in the Kingdom, and the Networks Intelligence Centre of Excellence, which ensures the delivery of secure, reliable and stable network services. The three centres were launched in 2021 as part of continued efforts to optimize digital operations and ensure the resilience of Bahrain’s telecommunication sector.

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Chairman Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said that “BNET is delighted to introduce its new Cybersecurity Operations Centre, which is aligned with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s strategic vision to develop and reinforce national cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a key pillar of Bahrain’s national ICT framework, and we at BNET strive to support the esteemed government’s great efforts to reinforce the Kingdom’s cybersecurity readiness.”

BNET CEO Mohamed Bubashait added that “enhancing customer experience is a top priority for BNET. We aim to provide high quality services that are based on a secure and reliable fiber network, by protecting our digital infrastructure using the latest cyber defence technologies in the telecommunications industry and ensuring the security of BNET’s cyberspace for all licensed service providers in the Kingdom.”

The new Cybersecurity Operations Centre CSOC will play a vital role in securing BNET’s cyberspace and will contribute to securing digital communications throughout the Kingdom. The introduction of 5G has led to a rapid increase in the number of connected devices across businesses and households in Bahrain. This makes the security of fiber optic infrastructure, which supports and boosts the performance of 5G technology, a key contributor to economic growth and consumer welfare.  

Chief Security Officer Dr Khalid Al Khalifa added that “BNET’s advanced digital infrastructure and ultrafast fiber-based services need to be carefully built on secure foundations. The launch of Cyber Security Operations Centre is a steppingstone in the overall mission to secure BNET’s cyber space and ultimately serve the Kingdom of Bahrain as we move towards an era of digital progress and innovations.”

BNET continues to develop its processes and infrastructure to ensure the provision of quality services to all licensed operators, enhance customer experience and contribute to the Kingdom’s cybersecurity readiness.

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