Bollywood actor, guest commentator and the founder of MMA India show, praised the growth of mixed martial arts in Bahrain. Parvin Dabas is one of the key figures in Indian film industry who is actively involved in MMA in India. Bahrain and Brave have provided a global platform for Indian fighters which was previously only available in a very limited way. It has opened up a global stage for the Indian athlete to perform on merit and be noticed. 
According to Parvin who is a key figure in the Indian MMA circles, athletes in India were given global exposure and currently athletes are training in destinations local and international, including Thailand, USA and Bahrain. The rise of global promotions have given the opportunity for athletes to embrace the sport and focus on training which is a big step forward in the evolution of sports in the region.


“Bahrain have reorganised the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and popularised it not just nationally but the impacts are visible globally. All the top 4 Indian MMA fighters Mohammed Farhad, Gurdarshan Mangat, Abdul Muneer and Chaitanya Gavali have been a part of Brave. These fighters are leading the way in showing Indian fighters can compete with the best. Also India expects to get great competition at IMMAF and demands that the best Indian fighters represent the country. The MMA India Show has paved a path by nurturing the passion of athletes, coaches and promotions. We have guided MMA in India by pointing out those areas where improvement is needed.”