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Booking Your Food Truck Inspections Just Became Easier with Bahrain.bh!

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Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in Bahrain. To customers, they offer convenience and the ability to maintain social distancing. To business owners, they are a smart choice because of the relatively low cost of setup and maintenance. Bahrain’s entrepreneurs will be happy to know that booking appointments for food truck inspections are even easier now with the eService available on the National Portal Bahrain.bh

Provided by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), the “Food Vehicle Inspection Appointment” service allows owners of food vehicles to easily schedule online appointments for booking their inspection visits, as well as to reschedule and view details of confirmed appointments. The service is available for food trucks that serve meals, trucks deliver both dry or chilled food such as ice-cream vans, dairy products, and trucks transporting drinking water.

Booking examination appointments electronically, and adherence to the specified dates, would contribute assurance commitment of vehicle owners of safety requirements and quality standards in the manufacture of their mobile vehicles.

The process is very straightforward. When booking, rescheduling, or viewing the details of the appointment, users must specify whether it’s new or annual, and then enter their personal information such as ID and Commercial Registration (CR) numbers. 

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For more information, please visit the National Portal bahrain.bh 

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