Breakfast like a king they say! At the Domain they make sure that you do! This week, in our gourmet rader we caught Bahrain’s Best Breakfast buffet that’s on the offer on weekdays at the Domain hotel, served at the 34th floor Le Sauvage restaurant. Our BTW team were invited last Thursday to see for ourselves what this increasingly popular breakfast has in store!

We were warmly greeted by the staff of the restaurant, which included amongst others, the PR Manager, Ms Tanvi Bhatia and Chef Dushan Rukmal. The lofty view of Bahrain laced by the emerald waters as visible from the glass walls of the restaurant was a breathtakingly beautiful sight.

Fresh and warm dishes

The aroma of the wide spread of dishes, warm, fresh, and inviting was simply irresistible. From a tour of the restaurant, we realized that the breakfast serves multiple needs and choices.  You can stop by for a quick bite on your way to work as the breakfast is served from 6.30 am onwards uptil 10 am. Else, if you are lucky to be free on a weekday morning, you can sure wadle in lazily and spend a few good hours of a sumptuous breakfast!

We found that the breakfast menu was quite wide and inclusive, keeping in mind guests who may vary from being health-and-diet conscious to being amongst big-time foodies who are simply connoisseurs of good food!

Sushi Counter
Sushi Counter

The breakfast buffet comprises sections like:  the healthy food section which is organic and sugar free, the bakery, the live cooking stations,  with a selection of smoothies, a cheese trolley, sushi counter, salads and condiments, fresh fruit juices, and so on.

We were delighted to see that the egg station could not only cook the regular eggs-to-order items but also fancy ones like the egg Benedict’s, egg Florentine, egg frajitas and French toasts. Besides this, there were the live Belgian pancakes and crepe station, and the waffle station to pamper your sweet tooth on a weekday!

The absolutely delicious taste of everything we got on to our plates, and the variety of dishes offered, was awe-striking. The home-made muesli, granola and low fat yoghurt and the soul sating chicken cakes and egg benedict, teamed up with the punch of fresh green apple juice was truly to write home about!

The spread is multicultural and though it focuses primarily on an English/Continental breakfast regulars it also is aimed at offering a satisfying  range of items from the Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Having walked in with the intention of a quick before-work bite, we ended up spending a good two hours of a delectable morning, savouring every bit of our delightful breakfast.  So now that you know how to kick-start your day and beat those morning blues away, call up the hotel for a fabulously soul-filling breakfast, priced at BD 10 ++ only! For reservations, call: +973 16 000 000 today!