Inventor Tasneem Mohamed Yousif receives honour for Smart Gas System

Tasneem Mohamed Yousif got a silver medal for her invention, Smart Gas System (SGS) at the 9th International Inventions Fair, Kuwait.

Also, the invention was also awarded an excellence scientific award in inventions by the Kuwait Science Club.

Tasneem was selected by the Ministry of Youth and Sport (GOYS) as one of top Five inventors in Bahrain to represent of Bahrain at the event, which took place at Jomira hotel in Kuwait City under the Patronage of His Highness the Emir of Kuwait Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah. The event was organized in collaboration with the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and is widely regarded as one of the largest specialized invention exhibitions in the world.

Bahrain participated with 5 unique inventions each in their own category. Participants from the kingdom managed to earn 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals. Tasneem got silver medal under the electronics and smart systems category, with a special excellence award in scientific inventions by the Kuwait Scientific Club.

This international invention exhibition is the second biggest international inventions exhibition after the international exhibition in Geneva. Many inventors are willing to participate with their inventions in order to represent their inventions and creativity inventions with all the investors and attendance. This unique convention in the Middle East was received with great importance locally, regionally, and internationally. It highlighted the inventions, innovations and creativity of youths. The convention also promoted Kuwait’s modernity and its role in encouraging and supporting the inventors and participants in this public service.

The convention will host many activities, including displaying various innovative ideas or inventions, and competitions for best inventions to be judged by a highly competent panel. The convention will also award valuable prizes for top invention.

The Smart Gas System(SGS) invention is an intelligent system for the detection of toxic gases remotely from far distances using mobile application or web-based system by using the nanotechnology, This smart system has a high effecieny to detect explosive gases remotely replacing the hand held sensors or fixed sensors by using the nanotechnology. This smart system is handling over a robot you can control it remotely using smart mobile application or website.

Tasneem’s selection to represent Bahrain at the international event after she take place in a national competition consists of four-phases which are scientific research, initial judging /jury, designing and manufacturing and the final judging and she was qualified with 5 other teams. The competition was run by the Ministry for Youth and Sport at the Youth Innovation Center (YIC).

After being drawn to an ad for the competition on Instagram, she was required to present the proposed idea; provide research and proof of the originality of the idea; produce a prototype and conduct a workshop on the specifications of the project and finally, present the final idea to the Minister of Youth and Sport, His Excellency, Hisham Al Jowder.

“In the end, we would like to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their support and their faith in the Bahraini Youth to let their ideas become a real invention to compete others in the whole world. Also, special thanks to Bahrain innovations center for supporting and helping us during our journey. I would like also to thank University of Bahrain,” Tasneem said.