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Bridging Destinations

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Minister calls for strengthening Arab Tourism ties

Fortifying tourism connections within the Arab world is crucial for economic prosperity in the region, said Tourism Minister Fatima Al Sairafi.

Ms Al Sairafi pinpointed the enhancement of tourism education, the attraction of Arab tourists to regional hotspots, and the stimulation of investment in tourism as pivotal for the economic and cultural prosperity of the Arab region.

The minister, who is also the chairperson of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), made this call to action during a key meeting with Arab Tourism Organisation president Dr Bandar bin Fahd Al Fuhaid, alongside the 33rd Arab Summit, which concluded in Bahrain the past weekend. The meeting, which also saw the participation of BTEA chief executive Sara Buhijji, highlighted the concerted push to advance the tourism industry across Arab nations.

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“The tourism sector receives considerable attention from Arab governments, reflecting its significant role in economic development,” said Ms Al Sairafi.
“Past summits have consistently produced resolutions aimed at improving economic outcomes through tourism, and this meeting reaffirms our commitment to those goals.”

Dr Al Fuhaid’s participation in the summit brought a renewed focus on the collaborative efforts necessary to achieve these ambitions.

Ms Al Sairafi affirmed the readiness of the Tourism Ministry and the BTEA to continue their cooperative endeavours with the Arab Tourism Organisation. She pointed out that meetings held during the Bahrain Summit were instrumental in discussing practical steps to enhance Arab tourism and boost intra-Arab tourist flows.

The minister’s vision for the future of Arab tourism is one of increased synergy and mutual support among Arab countries. By nurturing closer ties and sharing resources, the region can create a more robust and appealing tourism landscape that benefits all member states.

The meeting concluded with a shared sense of purpose and optimism about the future of Arab tourism. Both Ms Al Sairafi and Mr Al Fuhaid expressed their commitment to working together to realise these goals, ensuring that the Arab region continues to grow as a premier destination for tourists from around the world.

This interaction at the Arab Summit is expected to set the stage for further initiatives and collaborations aimed at boosting tourism, driving economic growth, and promoting cultural exchange across the Arab world.

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