Cup of Art helping members to discover their artistic side

For Cup of Art Club Founder and Managing Director Lamees Aljamea, art is a therapy, escape and a way to express her feelings. Her organisation is dedicated to helping artists from all backgrounds and skill levels to develop their innate talents. Bahrain This Week explores the challenges she faced in founding the startup and her inspirations.

Tell us briefly about yourself: where you were born, your educational background and so on

I studied Business Information Systems at University of Bahrain business and then completed professional certification in Human Resources. I worked as an HR manager till I decided to open Cup of Art Club.

Tell us about Cup of Art? where did it all start and how?

Cup of Art started from a casual group gathering of artists at my house with other five girls. The vibe and the experience were amazing. We wanted to take this experience and reach more people like us. We started to organise art events and got exposed to professional artists who closely guided us. At the same time, we guided beginners. After one year we thought it’s time to have a base for Cup of Art and opened the club.

How does someone register about it?

The club is open for all art lovers. Artists can choose between signing up for membership or they can enjoy the facility as a walk-in for a moderate daily fee. It’s like art gym, open form 9am-10pm everyday of the week. Members can enjoy the view of Amwaj’s lagoon and tailored services for artists. It’s a space to hang out with peers, exchange experiences and learn more about art.

How is CH9 and cup of art associated?

CH9 is a business accelerator and is co-working with Cup of Art. As Cup of Art is a startup associated with art and culture, it fits well with the CH9 vision. We joined forces to strengthen the art culture in society as a whole.

Were you initiated into arts and painting during your childhood?

I was born in a family who appreciated art and encouraged to participate in art events and/or competitions. I grew up visiting exhibitions with my family and were introduced to artists.

Who has been your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere! It’s could be a story or book I read, theatre, music or social cases in society.

Tell us about the significance of art in your life.

It added colours to my life. Art is like a therapy, an escape and it’s a way to express my feeling through colours.

Do you feel that a formal training is essential to pursue arts?

Yes and No! I believe there is no right or wrong in art, if someone has the talent he/she can make their own way. However, formal training or academic art study will sure enhance the talent.    

Tell us about this live art performance and how you got involved with it.

I actively started painting about 6 years ago. I was busy with my study and work but then I decided to enhance my talent and take it to the next level.

Have you participated/held exhibitions in Bahrain or in any other places? Give us a list of the last few.

I must admit that my participation in exhibitions are very few. However, I am encouraged more now to be part of big ones in Bahrain and aboard.

What kind of help and support do you seek to help reach your goal?

We are a new concept in the island, we have our challenges like any new startups. We expected more challenges as startup. however, so far we’ve been able to come over our obstacles.

What is your message to the aspiring artists of Bahrain?

There is an artist in everyone. just don’t be afraid to let it out and try.