British Ambassador, HE Simon Martin and his mother Mrs. Pat Martin visit The Budaiya Pre School in order to congratulate them on being awarded accreditation to the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) from the U.K. a leading British standard in early years education and a new level of excellence for Bahrain.

The ambassador and his mother were greeted by the school principal and owner Mrs. Janeann Mohseni and toured the school facility in Saar. The children enjoyed a special tea party with the ambassador and his mother where they were able to talk to the ambassador about his job as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Bahrain. Before ending their visit, children performed a special song for the occasion in the school’s outdoor Discovery Garden.

HE Simon Martin said: “It is quite an accomplishment to achieve such a high standard from the NDNA, it is one of the many ways of direct cooperation between Bahrain and the United Kingdom. It was lovely to see the children so happy and confident. They are fortunate to have such a wonderful environment to come to learn.”

Mrs. Janeann Mohseni said: “We are very honoured to have his excellency join us, we are extremely happy to have achieved such a high standard from the U.K. NDNA and be able to support young children in their important stage of early years development, the ambassador’s support is very much appreciated and the children will surely remember this visit.”

The Budaiya Pre-School has provided quality education for young children in Bahrain for over 25 years and is the first in Bahrain to be accredited by the U.K. National Day Nurseries Association. Following the British Curriculum and ensuring that children are given the best opportunity to develop their abilities whilst building a strong foundation for their future learning.