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BTEA organizes 10-day Road to Manama

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Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) announced plans to host a heritage event at the Manama Souq for 10 days. 

The move seeks to fulfill one of the objectives towards promoting Bahraini heritage tourism. 

The Manama Souq is one of the most significant tourist destinations and one of the oldest commercial markets in the world that emphasize the role of historical and cultural heritage in attracting tourists. 

This event will be part of the authority’s ongoing programs to attract more locals, residents, visitors and tourists.

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This “Road to Manama” will be organized by BTEA on September 22 – October 1, during evening hours. It will include various workshops designed to introduce children and teenagers to traditional Bahraini crafts and teach them how to master them.

The event will also offer different Bahraini-focused seminars designed to help participants uncover their skills and talents as well as filling their time with practical knowledge and abilities in a variety of disciplines.

The “Road to Manama” will be accompanied by a host of public events that include traditional Bahraini games, musical performances, children’s storytelling. 

A puppet show will be staged on September 22 – 24 in conjunction with Saudi National Day.

The “Road to Manama” is specifically targeted to different age groups of visitors, children and young adults to ingrain the Bahraini national heritage in their minds, as it contributes to the definition of Bahraini heritage and its acquisitions.

At the same time, it connects them to the professions of their fathers and grandfathers that once formed the foundations of Bahrain’s economic prosperity.

It also introduces them to the ancient cultural heritage of the Souq by taking them on a tour through its various corners and roads, such as Manama’s ancillary marketplaces, the blacksmiths market and others, Dr. Nasser Qaedi, CEO of the BTEA, said.

Dr. Qaedi emphasized that the event highlights the Manama Souq as a location to draw young people as well, in addition to their families participating in this event.

He confirmed BTEA’s interest in the Manama Souq as a significant tourist attraction and added that the authority is in the process of organizing two future tourism events in the Manama Souq. 

The events, the outdoor cinema and the design competition, will be held in November and December.

BTEA has organized several events in the Manama Souq recently, including the “Manama Gold Festival” and a popular fashion show. 

The authority is also cooperating with the Kanoo family to promote the Family Museum in the Souq area.

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