BTEA receives UAE students


    In-line with the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority’s (BTEA) on-going initiatives to support and enrich the cultural and bilateral relations between the Gulf Nations, BTEA CEO Shaikh Khaled bin Humood Al Khalifa received 60 students from the UAE as part of the “The 2020 Leadership Program”. During their visit, the students received memorable gifts from the authority.

    BTEA supports the second edition of the “The 2020 Ambassadorship Program” that has been launched by the Watani Al Emarat Foundation with an aim to build a generation of qualified leaders who are capable of fulfilling the ambitions of the UAE.

    Bahrain was selected to host the program, after being held in Singapore last year. The program “2020 Ambassadors” contains many different aspects in the field of philanthropy, volunteering, culture and society as an educational and entertainment form, with the availability of aids in the delivery of educational messages for young people, and includes several workshops and meetings with prominent figures locally and internationally.

    The program also includes field visits to archaeological, tourist, and cultural Bahraini sites in order to familiarize them with the history and heritage of Bahrain throughout the ages. In order to identify the achievements of youth and volunteering in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and transfer experiences to the UAE as well as the formation of a voluntary youth relations system to help integrate Bahraini society and UAE, and serve the interest of both.

    Shaikh Khalid met Dirar Belhoul Al Falasi, Director of the program, and praised the efforts of this unique initiative. He also welcomed the initiative for selecting to host the program’s students in Bahrain, and introduce them to Bahraini culture.