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Business Clinic Program Backs 1000 Bahraini SMEs

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“Business Clinic” program aims to back 1000 Bahraini SMEs and provide them with solutions to face challenges. Business clinic provide entrepreneurs with consultations and training services to back their project growth with minimal cost, time and effort.   It also helps SMEs to enhance their services quality thus increasing its contribution in the national economy development, said Khalil Al Qahiri, Stradico CEO.

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Business Clinic, the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain, was launched under the patronage of the Minister of Industry Zaid R Al Zayani, enabled 80 Bahraini entrepreneurs to overcome economic challenges imposed by the collapse of oil prices and to face economic fluctuations of the market at local, regional and international levels.

The program provides training courses for entrepreneurs to reduce the impact of unplanned experiences to pave SME’s way to face obstacles threatening the stability and growth of any individual project.

“We adopt a set of mechanisms to evaluate the companies affiliated with the program to ensure the long-term positive impact of the training courses. Once we designed Business Clinic program, we have been keen to diversify subjects to address various issues concerning entrepreneurs besides providing flexible payment methods of the courses.” Al Qahiri said.

CEO of Stradico added, “The specific duration of the program allows participants to acquire more skills and develop their abilities to manage their own projects and to ensure their success, stability and increased profits.”

Business Clinic program consists of 12 monthly training courses, group workshops and individual consultation sessions all are for SME owners in a flexible time manner. It focuses on a variety of topics including; management skills for entrepreneurs, quality management systems, sales and marketing, financial management, writing business contracts, human resources management for business owners, information systems, professional safety and performance management.

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