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Cadastral Survey Services are Now Available Online

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If you were planning on submitting a land survey request but you were worried about the time and effort spent on tracking the progress of your application, then you’ll be happy to know there’s now a much easier way of getting the job done.

Provided by the Survey & Land Registration Bureau (SLRB), this service adds new levels of convenience to both individuals and companies as they can carry out important tasks simply by visiting the Kingdom’s national portal bahrain.bh and choosing the desired options.

Users can apply for land surveys, enquire about their application status, and pay all the required fees online. Private survey companies also benefit from the service, as they can apply for new or transferred applications and check their progress. All the requirements, including the necessary documents and fees, are listed as a clear service guide for all visitors, ensuring that the entire process is carried out without any delays or obstacles.

By streamlining operations and providing secure and fast transactions, the national portal helps SLRB achieve its main objectives of protecting the stability of real estate property ownership and strengthening and supporting property reliance and related credit issues.

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Additional SLRB services on the portal include allowing registered customers to purchase maps in both hard and soft copies, and allowing businesses and government entities to request sea navigation (hydrographic) data and information.

For more information, please visit the national portal at bahrain.bh or contact 8000 8001. The National System for Suggestions and Complaints (Tawasul) is also available to receive your enquiries and notes regarding our services.

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