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Business tycoon, Philanthropist & Mountaineer – Shaikha Noora Al Khalifa lives life to the fullest, doing it all with aplomb

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She is young, adventurous, an all-rounder and a complete go-getter. Not one to let any inhibitions hold her back, Shaikha Noora Al Khalifa has been there, done that; proving to be a terrific role model for the youth of Bahrain.

Her academic qualifications span a wide spectrum – she is a Bachelor in graphic design, a Master in mass communication and public relations, is certified in Constitutional Law of Bahrain and has also acquired training in Quality Management System Auditing.

It is clear to see that her ambitions know no limit, what with her being the CEO and Chairwoman of successful design company Medpoint Design, the Nine Training Centre and the Eight Printing Press. Shaikha Noora is also at the helm of noted publications Bahrain This Week newspaper and Ahil Al Azim magazine.

Besides heading her business ventures with passion and acumen, Shaikha Noora is involved in numerous other activities and projects that contribute to enriching the community we live in.

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She has been elected the Goodwill Ambassador for the International Goodwill Club and has also been appointed as member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Union to protect intellectual property rights in 2015. Shaikha Noora has won numerous awards and accolades on a global level and in various fields within Bahrain.

The glamourous evening of the Global Leadership Awards in March 2015, held in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur witnessed the crème de la crème of global leaders and visionaries rub shoulders with each other. It was at this prestigious event that Bahrain’s very own Shaikha Noora Al Khalifa bagged the award for the ‘Emerging CEO of the year 2015’, marking her prominence as an exceptional achiever in her field.

Similarly, the 5th Middle East Business Leaders Awards and Summit (MEBLSA) conferred the Emerging Women Entrepreneur of the Year award to Her Excellency for her exemplary leadership and immense contribution in taking her group of businesses to greater heights.

Shaikha Noora’s ambition, drive and vision got her rightfully elected as the National Ambassador for the International Non Olympic University-INOU. INOU’s mission is to make a worldwide difference in the field of education.

 As an influential supporter of the Non-Olympic education development and peace, Shaikha Noora brings prestige, talent and purpose to INOU, sending a powerful message to Bahrain as well as the world.

With her fingers in so many pies, one would think that Her Excellency has her plate full. But this young lady’s zeal for life is infinite. Shaikha Noora went on a quest of her own physical and mental endurance when she decided to scale the treacherous heights of Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this year.

She reached the summit and returned to triumphant after a 13 day long expedition, bringing her nation pride and honour.

Shaikha Noora believes that one should “enjoy life, work hard, exercise, and be optimistic in whatever they do. Be a dreamer and an achiever at the same time!”

Having set the bar so high with her corporate achievements, social responsibility and personal pursuits, Shaikha Noora proves to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for the youth of Bahrain and the Middle East

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