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Caribou Coffee and Fuddruckers gives 25% to Frontline Heroes and perks to those who took the vaccine

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The first quarter of 2020 brought in the first cases of Covid-19 to Bahrain which led to the closing of non-essential businesses and limitations to group activities including social gatherings. At the same time this year, Bahrain is once again seeing a sharp spike of infections requiring additional preventive measures being implemented by the government with an urgent appeal to #commit4bahrain for three (3) weeks.

Bahrain is one of the countries that has stood out in the vaccination race to end this global pandemic in the hopes of returning to a “normal” life. In December 2020, Bahrain started its campaign to inoculate its citizens and residents for free.

Food Vest Holding through its brands Caribou Coffee Bahrain and Fuddruckers supports the government’s vaccination drive initiative by giving a 10% discount from Fuddruckers and a free upsize for any drink from Caribou for people who have taken the jab. Customers have to show proof that they have taken the first or the second vaccine shots.

It is one way of incentivizing people who have taken the vaccine and encouraging others to do their part in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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According to Mateo Ramos, the CEO of Food Vest Holding, “Caribou and Fuddruckers have been cheering the government’s efforts from the beginning. Being a part of the community, we give whatever assistance we can provide to help the government combat Covid-19. Currently, Bahrain is seeing a spike of cases again and the first people who need cheering up are the frontliners. They are our biggest heroes battling and risking their lives to help and save the lives of others. We greatly admire their selfless dedication to their work. Without their tireless efforts and people doing their share of being vaccinated, we would not be able to go back to some sense of normalcy any time soon. Since the beginning, Caribou has been giving 25% discount and 10% discount for Fuddruckers to all frontline workers as a token of appreciation. This time, we also offer discounts from Fuddruckers and drink upsize for Caribou for those who have taken the jab.

Mateo added, “Both our brands are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy dining experience for our customers and will constantly commit to Bahrain and the government’s efforts against Covid-19.” All citizens and residents can register for vaccination through the BeAware app and choose from Sinopharm, Pfizer, Covishield, and Sputnik vaccines. After receiving the second dose of the vaccine, a vaccination certificate will be issued through the app.

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