Clash between Culture and Coaching?

    Beckett McInroy Consultancy Hosts Workshop ‘Towards a Coaching Culture’, led by the only Master Certified Coach in Bahrain

    Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy presenting

    Beckett McInroy Consultancy (BMC), experts in organisational, executive, team and systems coaching, yesterday hosted a workshop at the Capital Club, Bahrain Financial Harbour.

    The workshop was led by the only Master Certified Coach in Bahrain, Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy, Chief Executive Officer of BMC. The session aimed to enable participants to discover coaching competencies to help organisations move ‘Towards a Coaching Culture’. More than 30 senior business professionals from the Ministry of Education, American Express, British Embassy, Sabre Travel with telecoms, heads of schools and Capital Club members attended the session.

    Commenting on the workshop, Dr Clare said: “We are particularly proud to have hosted this high-profile workshop, which in turn further develops the growth of coaching culture within organisations. At BMC, our strategy is to enable people and organisations globally, to achieve their potential through executive, board, team, group, leadership and systems coaching. Events such as this help participants to gain insights on the significance of talented human capital as the prime ingredient for every organisation’s success.”

    The workshop highlighted coaching as a key ingredient for succession planning, retention of talent, capacity building and growth in ‘bottom line’. Participants were able to learn about the effects of coaching, develop coaching competencies, experience live coaching and understand how coaching can increase profits.

    Selection of the participants

    During the session, distinctions between mentoring, pure and blended coaching, real examples of internal and external coaches, research on the impact of coaching within organisations, barriers to a coaching culture and their antidotes, evidence, diagnostic and strengths based coaching and play with CoachME Card and Model were discussed.

    Dr Clare also presented the results of BMC’s recent research. It focused on the clash between coaching and culture as well as the development of human capital. Findings show that to empower and enable people to achieve their potential, diversity needs to be valued, as well as no blame culture and a learning organisation mentality needs to be present. Despite this, the research shows that, across sectors, there are employees who are reluctant to change, share knowledge or admit their development areas, senior leaders who use traditional approaches consistently, and silos inhibiting creativity and collaboration.

    The workshop was ICF approved enabling ICF members to gain two hours of Continued Coach Education on Core Competencies for their professional development portfolio.

    BMC’s client base includes the Economic Development Board (EDB), British Embassy, Saudi Aramco, BNP Paribas, DHL, Morrisons, BisB and Yokogawa. Workshops, seminars and coaching are conducted in English, Arabic, German, Japanese, French and Spanish. BMC provide CoachME approved and accredited ICF and ILM programmes, and Coach on Innovation, Business English, Strategy, Leadership ‘leading from beyond…’ and Brand Ignition.