Connecting Local Businesses


“Tasawuqq was born out of an urgency to shed light on local talents and products. Realizing that with the diversity of the local brands that were quickly emerging and disappearing all within a year or two, was a definite problem accessing the market and as such the idea of was conceptualized. By offering local brands all the professional means necessary to monitor their business, we help them grow exponentially, as we automate and take over all the challenging headaches that come with their businesses. Countrywide delivery, and the focus and dedication of a professional marketing team working full time on increasing their revenue stream and helping while helping them attain the best of their potential.” is an online platform that connects local businesses and brands to the consumer and simplifies the process of ordering and receiving all products from their favourite local brands, in the end, tasawuqq will continue to evolve, and with the current rise of e-commerce in the MENA region, it’s only a matter of time before this becomes the norm. So it is always good to be ahead of the current,” Nader S AlSarraj told BTW.

Tell us briefly about yourself; your educational and professional background.

Well, let’s start off with my name; Nader S AlSarraj born and raised in Bahrain, with a British education background. My professional experience generally lies in logistics, having worked for major players around the globe constantly including DHL, UPS & Maersk line.

How did you come about with the idea of developing your “Portal”?

When we realized that; The diversity of the local brands that were quickly emerging and disappearing all within a year or two, there was a definite problem accessing the market and as such the idea of was conceptualized.

Very often, great innovations come from an urgency and a need. After realizing the market gap, our first thought came in wanting to help the local brands available, of which there is an astonishing number. Bahrainis have always had greatness in them, we want to provide the platform needed for them to excel and shoot for the stars.

Tell us in detail about your Portal. houses its vendors who are handpicked and tested for quality. Then by offering a simple way to purchase and payment options, consumers could decide instantly what they want, either pay online or cash on delivery and receive their items in a fast and smooth manner.

In this age of increasing online shopping websites, how is tasawuqq unique? was built with one thing in mind: automate, automate and automate. Our business model takes extreme care to build a professional platform that can have a vendor up and ready, and delivering country-wide and GCC wide within a day. As such, it was made with the express intent to help grow and scale businesses, as well as maintain the local identity. All products and vendors on the portal have something to do with Bahrain and that is why we love what we do.

What have been the initial challenges and how did you overcome them?

I think it was most importantly, how do we come up with something different, that is almost as plug and play concept as possible. Getting the technicalities was of course very difficult, but it was sure worth the investment.

Tell us where do you see your self and your venture in the next 5 years

E-Commerce is booming in the MENA region right now, and this will only continue to grow. There are estimates that the market cap will be raised to around 6 trillion dollars by 2026, so there is a great advantage to have started ahead of the curve, in that it allows us to be pioneers in this field.

Do you think retail shops and physical branches will still be around in 5 years?

Retail shops and physical branches will still be around; however, they will not be as frequent as they are currently, with the technology era you will see that people will start going less to malls and shops and will start ordering directly from portals.

Moreover, It’s important to differentiate that portals are the natural evolution of physical branches and retail shops, but that isn’t enough to end it all together. Think about the last time you watched something on TV. Studies would say that most millennials don’t, and opt for either stream or YouTube something. It’s that sense of instant gratification that is absent in TVs and in retrospect physical branches. Someone who wants to watch a TV show will binge it, be it Game of Thrones or Suits, the same way they will instantly go to a portal and order the products that they want without going outside.

How is the Bahrain market accepting your product/service

We found that there is a general love for local brands provided they are of high caliber, most of the time, people would shop local brands and not know they were local. The old mindset of belittling Bahraini products is fading away and is giving way to more awareness that by purchasing from these local brands, you’re helping the economy to grow exponentially.

What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs of Bahrain?

“There’s nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team.”

“There are lots of bad reasons to start a company. But there’s only one good, legitimate reason; it’s to change the world.”

What were your initial challenges and how did you overcome those

Starting something from scratch which hasn’t been available before, but when you add all the cons and how this portal is adding value to the community we just had to take a leap of faith and keep fear behind us.