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Consequences of Speeding

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Speeding can kill or worse, can leave you incapacitated for life, forcing you to live like a vegetable as your distressed family and friends watch. Or leave you traumatized with the loss of a limb.

So just sit back and reflect. Must you speed while driving? And why? We generally speed because we are in a hurry and then speeding becomes a habit and you pump up the petrol even when there is no hurry—just out of habit. But a little effort at time management can save you the ‘necessity’ of speeding and, in the process, your life and limbs.


When you have to reach a place on time, keep track of the time. Decide well in advance your time of departure and adhere to it. That time must be decided keeping in mind the time it generally takes you to reach that point plus a margin of ten minutes to take care of any traffic jam or unforeseen diversions.

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In other words, you should be in control of your movements and the master of your time. Do not be a hostage to the time as it flies and do not race to make up for the lost time. Leave at your pre-decided time and you will not have to speed.


The other common reason for speeding is the desire to catch that green light in the distance. You are moving at your normal speed of 80kmph to 100kmph depending on the nature of the road and the traffic. And then you notice that green signal in the distance. And you instinctively determine that if you miss crossing it and it turns red before you reach it, you will be stuck at the signal for up to three minutes.

So you press the accelerator, tailing the car ahead, it is bad manners; changing the lane to get ahead of him and in the process maybe scaring some calmly proceeding driver in that lane who is unaware of your designs, which is bad manners too.

But is three minutes of delay worth all this trouble and race? And for all you know, even then you may find that by the time you have made it to the signal it has turned red after all. The trouble at this point could surface in another form. You may discover it is too late for you to press the brakes because even if your vehicle stops, given your speed, it would do so at least 10 to 15 yards ahead of the signal which is right in the middle of the busy crossing! So you would be  a sitting duck for a crash by a speeding vehicle legitimately coming through its lane with a green signal. [And if you decide not to brake and jump the red signal the result could be same nasty crash].

So do not speed. Remain in control of your vehicle. If it goes out of control you might rue it all your life even if you do not lose it.

Be safe, don’t speed!

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