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Over time, water has become increasingly important to conserve, and during the summer season, the average person uses more water compared to any other time of the year. Before it is too late, let’s try to abide by a few (of many) ways by which we can cut down on the usage of water:

1. While it is true that hand-washing a vehicle saves money and the time spent to drive to the nearest car-wash shop, this technique actually wastes water by about 100 gallons more than opting for automated car-washing, which utilises recirculating water systems to recycle and save water.

2. Gone are the winter months and the summer season that only gets more intense in the next couple of months usually results in frequent showers in order to cool down, which naturally leads to an increase in laundry cycles due to the need to change from “sun-soaked” clothes to fresh clean clothes. In order to lessen this, we could limit the time spent outdoors especially during the day. Unless your job or lifestyle inevitably has you spending more time outdoors, then maximising your time spent indoors would be wiser (not to mention, more comfortable!).

3. The need to wash food items such as fruits and vegetables before consuming them can also be done so in a way that does not lead to an increase in having to run the tap every so often. In circumstances wherein you anticipate having a bulk of food items consumed

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within the day, switch to just soaking them in a container that is filled with water only once. Once the food items are rinsed well-enough, you may pour the remaining water in plants or your garden instead of having to drain it.

4. Be conservative when it comes to asking for, or allowing water re-fills in dining establishments. Whether you are purchasing the drinking water, or having a server re-fill your glass for free, make sure that either option does not exceed the quantity of water that is actually needed.

5. As the increase in the heat evaporates water quicker, make sure when watering your garden that you sprinkle only on the soil, and water is not carelessly sprinkled or poured onto other surfaces within your garden.

For more tips visit: http://www.actnowbh.org/

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