Continuous Light | Part 2

In this article, we will continue our topic on Continuous Light.

Good LED panel lights

This allows better control over light intensity and color temperature as they have controls for both. However, LED fixtures produce much less light than similarly priced alternatives, so getting a good quality light and lots of them means you’ll be spending quite an amount.

Halogen and Tungsten lights

This light offers traditional lighting controls (dimming, barn doors, diffusers, etc.) However they also produce enough heat to have earned the moniker, ‘hot lights’. Despite this, they’ve been around for quite a while and are still used extensively in film, television, and stage productions.

To sum it up, I suggest choosing the light that best suits your needs. Invest wisely! Visit your local photography studio / suppliers to seek recommendations on your purchase (for example; Yaquby Stores, Ali Photography, B&H, Adorama).

By: Glen Wesley Dulay