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The Cool Dude Summer Look

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With summer on our doorstep, many men are thinking about a trip to the barbers for a trim and a tidy.   

The swelling temperatures  mean longer hairstyles are banished for clipped locks.

“A traditional summer style for guys is very short,” says men’s barber at TOPCUT GENTLEMEN’S LOUNGE . “A lot of guys want easy, low maintenance, easy-to-style hair. The high faded, short around the sides look.”

JOZ BEAUTY DIVISION runs Total of  8 salons & 2 Barber Salons by name of TOPCUT around Bahrain, and says changing seasons mean changing styles for many sartorially switched on gents.

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Rock the look

“Coming into summer … you’ll see the shorter sort of side parts, shorter brush backs, shorter textured sort of looks,” he says.

The key, barber explains, is to know what works for your face shape and to get advice from your barber on how to rock that look.

“A lot of guys won’t put the effort into styling their hair. You really need to get instructions from your barber on how to do it, so always ask your barber.”

Rough and ready

As for own routine, Barber says it’s relatively hassle free. “All I do is use Label.m boost powder and put it in my hair and rough it up, mess it up and that’s it – nice and easy.”

He concedes some men prefer to leave their hair as is, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Generally guys will last about three years on their style of haircut until they want something new.”

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