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Creating Harmony in Body, Spirit and Mind During Ramadan

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Ramadan is the month of the birth of QURAN AL KAREEM, and the favorite month in the year for the majority of people in the world for the divine grace. Purity and clarity in the mind from GOD the DIVINE ALLAH AL KAREEM .Ramadan gives us an opportunity to serve others with pure intention, devotion and faith by connecting to the God and all humankind on all levels of people around the world .The vibrations of this holy month is amazing, and extremely fruitful to our wellbeing as an individual.

Personally, I cherish and enjoy Ramadan a lot, because it gives me a big time and space with myself and the opportunity to be a better version of myself. I feel balanced mentally, physically and emotionally as fasting has great benefits on the body and state of the mind during the month. I go deeply inwards to myself as I am yogi and meditator and apply yoga knowledge and practice in my life, on daily basis. But, the effect of yoga practices during Ramadan are tremendous and more effective due to fasting.

The yoga practices gives me so much pure detox and creates harmony in my body, spirit and mind.  I feel very light (Toxins Free) and energized not only in the body but even in thoughts and speech I become, more focused in the mind. I love to pray and mediate late at night and looking in the vast skies and seeing the sunrise wishing love health, unity and happiness for all the people in this Universe, as we are living now the Virtual Covid Era. It’s a blessing to be in Ramadan vibes as it nurtures our souls.

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Ramadan gives us so many benefits here are some

  1. Fasting through the whole month promotes better health which is because it fights inflammation in our body. And releases lots of stress and toxins from the body.
  2. Fasting results in improved heart rate and blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.
  3.  You lose weight if you want, controllably and in a healthy way.
  4. Your metabolism increases during this month.
  5. Growth hormone secretion increases during this which is an important factor in your growth rate and muscle strength
  1. Another amazing Benefit of Ramadan fasting and my favorite is that we can evoke or ignite the spirituality from a young age with our children as it increases the spiritual focus and mental comfort and has incredible brain-boosting powers, we also become more grounded and discipline in our body language and our spiritual practices grow within with our prayers leading to faith and gratitude.

I feel that Fasting is not only No food or water it’s much more than that. It’s the belonging and gratitude  to the whole universe and the nature resources , health and love towards the self and others  feeling other people in our surroundings and specially hungry and thirsty people &  poor people with no homes or families  Ramadan gives us an opportunity to share love and become more compassionate towards our self and others in our society and have a Attitude of Gratitude by giving service for noble cause it is also fasting in the mind and enhancing our behavior and actions .

Here are some aspects of yoga that may help you during Ramadan as yoga promotes health and unity in the body mind and spirit and creates Harmony and balance in our life.

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Every day, I evolve in the mind not only during the month of Ramadan  but all year long, doing my best to live as Muslim Bahraini yogi and participate and collaborate 100% with the language of love, wisdom and service for a noble cause. 

Ramadan Kareem to all !

May Awadah  –  Art of living  yoga and happiness teacher

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