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In conversation with founders of Vuruz Vision, Hisham Tawfiqi & Abdulla Rahhal.

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‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.’ Following these wise words of Maya Angelou and climbing the stairs to success is Vuruz Vision. Founded by the creatively likeminded pair Hisham Tawfiqi & Abdulla Rahhal, Vuruz Vision has taken the Kingdom by storm through their revolutionary new ideas using the perfect mix and match of digital and visual medias. As part of BTW’s Spotlight series, we discuss with this duo all about their new ideas of visual projections, taking one’s imagination to wherever they want to.

Hisham Tawfiqi & Abdulla Rahhal

Tell us a little about yourselves.

The both of us started our careers from film making. When we met for the first time in October 2014, we clicked over ideas, concepts and methods of digital art. From there we started collaborating with each other on multiple platforms and developed many skills and alternative methods of art. That’s how we started Vuruz Vision.

What made you two decide to come together and form Vuruz Vision?

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We saw that Bahrain lacked such extensive methods of digital media. We saw the potential and where we could take this idea to. We brainstormed non-stop everyday and saw that we could produce, collaborate and expand visual art to all different fields. And our curiosity took off to the next level!

You have taken the visual art scenario of Bahrain to another level. How would you like to comment on this?

We try our best to keep on doing that, the world is changing at such a rapid speed in all ways, especially in the field of art and all its forms. Our goal is always to keep on developing and learning to create better installations every time. But that just happens to be only one among our set of goals! We want to inspire Bahrain and the young minds to see and experience the possibilities of creation with the different tools available in this century!

Which are the major projects you guys have worked on? Which one has been the most challenging one so far?

We’ve worked on all sorts of projects! Car launches, corporate launches, exhibitions, concerts and many more. Each gig always has its unique set up and process; we see all projects as challenging and challenging ourselves every time helps to produce perfection.

How do you design and test new visual effects? From where do you find the right aid to get the perfect design?

Testing and experimenting with designs are our team activity. We meet up and have long sessions where in we create all those ideas that come to our mind and put them to test using our projectors on different surfaces.

Do you have your clients suggesting the kind of designs they would like to see? 

For sure! We are always open with our clients. We welcome them to suggest ideas and we design around the vision of our client. We sketch structures and visuals upon the theme of the event and work with our clients to achieve the goal.

Do you follow the visual/digital arts created on international grounds? Is there any dream team of yours with whom you would like to collaborate with?

Of course! We keep ourselves updated by joining various forums and online discussion/debates about equipments, software and ideas. We also share our work on the internet for people to inspire each other.

Our dream team is really to bring together members from all sorts of backgrounds. Carpenters, animators, coders, designers, organizers and all the individual experts who together can achieve a true collaborative environment where everyone puts their talent from their field to create something special!

Tell us about the new project of yours, the sacred talisman. We must admit it looks phenomenal!

We were approached by Mustafa Halwachi to collaborate in Project Talisman. Mustafa Halwachi is not just an interior designer, carpenter and an artist but a true brother to us! We exchanged ideas and concepts about what we can do best for creating this Sacred Talisman. We received samples and illustrator files to work upon and create the animation/visual effects. We first worked on dummies which turned out to be a success. Then we went to create on the actual scales and launched it at the Gulf Interior Exhibition! This project is the perfect example of how interior designers and carpenters can collaborate with us and create the best of digital/visual arts! 

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