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CrediMax Conducted its Business Continuity Exercise

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To ensure that the Business Continuity Programme (BCP) and its Center are fully equipped and functional, CrediMax conducted a Business Continuity Exercise on 9th of January 2016. Approximately 35 employees from all areas of the company participated in this exercise during which all critical components of the Business Continuity Plan were put into practice successfully.

The purpose of this exercise was to simulate a real life scenario, and then subsequently put the company-wide Business Continuity Plan in practice to ensure that critical services could be recovered and made available to its customers and that critical business functions continue to operate during serious incidents or disasters. From the time of the sudden initiation of the crisis situation, to the actual recovery and availability of critical services to its customers – the complete plan was executed smoothly and successfully.

“We have successfully maintained yet another Simulation Exercise this year and this demonstrates the company’s and staff’s commitment towards its customers, its aim to always strive for excellence and at the same time ensuring its compliance with all requirements of the local regulatory bodies. We are always proud to be at the forefront of card business in Bahrain with the most advanced technology and to also remain the market leaders in terms of compliance and innovation.” Said CrediMax Chief Executive Mr. Yousif Ali Mirza

CrediMax’s management would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of the involved CrediMax and BBK staff on their hard work and dedication towards the successful completion of the exercise.

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