CSB Launches Blog To Directly Interact With Employees


In line with the principal of partnership in developing the public performance amongst employees and senior officials, the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) launches today (Wednesday, 10th January) its Blog to connect CSB President HE Mr. Ahmed bin Zayed AlZayed with the public on civil service related topics. In collaboration with the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), the blog is available via the National portal (Bahrain.bh).

During his interaction with the public- precisely government employees, Mr. AlZayed stresses various topics which comprise the Performance Management System (ADAA) that aims at raising job efficiency, productivity amongst employees, and level of services provided to public.

The President also addresses, in his blog, the Organizational Performance Project (Takamul), which aims at enhancing cooperation between government entities to speed the completion of projects according to directions addressed at the Government Forum 2017. He also highlights the Public Employee Codes of Conduct & Public Service Ethics, which develops the overall work environment – making it a suitable and comfortable for accomplishments.

In this regard, CSB President stated that such direct interaction – via the Blog – opens doors to learn the details of the bureau’s development projects, as well as receive the constructive opinions, suggestions and remarks of users in a way that leads to integration within the development process at the government level.

Moreover, Mr. Ahmed said that CSB welcomes and takes into account all development-related suggestions and comments. “We are keen on clarifying all details of received inquiries in transparent, accurate manners in order to keep the employees aware of their rights and duties,” he further commented.

The Blog is available via the National portal (Bahrain.bh) to connect officials and ministers with the public, to interact and answer their enquiries. It aims at increasing eParticipation in a qualitative and effective manner with swift communication between public and decision-makers while ensuring formation of relevant solutions and decisions.