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DANAT Guides British Council Students on a Journey to Discover Natural Pearls

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A delegation from the Bahrain Institute for Pearls and GemstonesDANAT” paid a visit to the British Council, where they conducted a presentation introducing Bahrain’s natural pearls and their significance in the country’s heritage and civilization.  The delegation also showcased a range of Bahraini oysters, offering students a hands-on oyster-shucking experience.

Mrs. Noora Jamsheer, CEO of DANAT, commented, “This visit symbolizes DANAT’s unwavering dedication to cultivating collaborations and forging alliances with both regional and international educational entities, with the overarching goal of spotlighting Bahraini pearls and their unparalleled attributes. Furthermore, it endeavours to promote Bahrain as the foremost global destination for the provision of pearl and gemstone inspection services, complemented by advanced techniques and pioneering research efforts.”

“The visit also seeks to acquaint students, professionals, and enthusiasts in the field of pearls and gemstones with the array of events organized by the Institute. These include courses, workshops, programs, and diverse activities pertinent to the pearl industry, aiming to inspire their active engagement. Moreover, the Institute highlights the Diploma in gemmology it offers, which has positioned Bahrain as a premier destination for excellence in gemmology regionally.”

Mrs. Jamsheer emphasized DANAT’s eagerness to engage with young individuals at every available opportunity, aiming to acquaint them with the research and study endeavours undertaken by the Institute.

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“At DANAT, we employ cutting-edge equipment for our research activities, collaborating with various institutions and government bodies to study pearls and the marine environment.”

Mrs. Jamsheer also commended the dedicated efforts of the DANAT team in marketing the institute and showcasing the Kingdom of Bahrain as a leading destination for natural pearls and emphasized DANAT’s unparalleled status as the premier global centre in providing inspection services for pearls and gemstones.

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