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De Beers, the Jeweller of Light, creates timeless treasures that reveal and celebrate the wondrous brilliance of women and diamonds. As the definitive destination for diamond jewellery, we have a quest for inner beauty, bringing lightness, femininity and delicacy to our sublime diamond jewellery.

Drawing on diamond mastery since 1888 , De Beers hand-select each diamond for its unique beauty to capture unmatched Fire, Life, and Brilliance. Each unique De Beers creation is the culmination of wondrous artistry and the true beauty of the finest diamonds. De Beers is proud to be the only brand to demonstrate the beauty of its diamonds, using the De Beers Iris. This proprietary technology, found in each De Beers store provides clients with an objective way to see the beauty of their diamond through the eyes of an expert.

Each piece of De Beers jewellery is certified with a De Beers passport and each polished diamond above 0.20 carats is microscopically branded with the De Beers Marque. The De Beers Passport documents the specifications of your diamond jewellery and is your guarantee that every single De Beers diamond is natural, untreated, conflict-free and responsibly sourced and crafted. The De Beers Marque, using technology patented by the De Beers Group, is invisible to the naked eye and ensures that each diamond is individually catalogued in the De Beers diamond registry, confirming its identity as a De Beers official diamond, to provide clients with a total peace of mind.

VOTE OF THANKS (Mr. Mohammed Kooheji)

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Good morning ladies & gentlemen….

At the onset I would like to thank all of you for joining us today

I believe Mr Francois has enlightened you on De Beers and already spoken about the future of De Beers.

I really appreciate the fact that Mr Francois has taken his valuable time to be with us today….This makes us feel important.

AJM Kooheji Group has been a proud partner of De Beers for almost 5 years and will stand strong with this international brand for years to come. It is this relationship which has created such a strong brand presence in the minds of the customers. We will definitely keep walking on the path of success for many years to come.

De Beers has been a jeweller who produces the most elegant and enchanting designs available in Bahrain. We at AJM Kooheji Group are proud of this partnership and we assure our customers that a lot more designs are coming their way. So until we meet the next time, I would, once again like to thank you all for joining us.

Welcome Note (Shashi Malhotra)

Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to thank all the esteemed and respected members of the media for joining us today.

As you are aware, we have amongst us an eminent personality today, Mr Francois Delage, CEO of De Beers Diamond Jewelry. He has been with De Beers Diamond Jewelry since 2009 and has developed this brand to be one of the most prestigious and elite brands in the world. Mr Francois has been to Bahrain earlier as well; during the De Beers store launch. He is back amongst us today to speak about the developments as well as what is the exciting future of De Beers Diamond Jewellery in the years to come.

AJM Kooheji Group has been a proud partner of De Beers Diamond Jewellery for almost 5 years and the strength of this relationship has always had success stories and will continue to do so for many, many years to come.

Today, with no doubt in my mind, I can vouch that we are here with a mission. A mission to enchant and enthrall the customers with more exquisite and beautiful jewellery pieces in the near future.

Once again I would like to thank you all for joining us today……


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