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Deep Down I Feel Vol 02

Confide in us your deepest regret, secret or guilt and feel lighter! You can write to us in complete anonymity too or with pseudonyms. We care… Send us your writings in about 300 words.

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I came from a poor family but I know it’s not a handicap to achieve my dreams in life. Being a working student, I have never enjoyed my childhood or teenage. I am independent and a thousand miles away from my family now. This in itself is extremely challenging. I am a dreamer and I unflinchingly go through hardships  in order to give my family a good life. I derive strength from my resilience against challenges and rising up to them. Sometimes, I compare myself to other people and wonder “Why?” Why should I have to suffer so much having to live away from my family? I used to think that if I have “money” I will have everything I want. But I’ve realized that money can’t buy time, love and happiness.

Deep down I feel that we should never lose a chance to be with the people we really love because we might achieve our dreams but we can’t go back to the time when we needed to be with them.


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