I came from a poor family but I know it’s not a handicap to achieve my dreams in life. Being a working student, I have never enjoyed my childhood or teenage. I am independent and a thousand miles away from my family now. This in itself is extremely challenging. I am a dreamer and I unflinchingly go through hardships  in order to give my family a good life. I derive strength from my resilience against challenges and rising up to them. Sometimes, I compare myself to other people and wonder “Why?” Why should I have to suffer so much having to live away from my family? I used to think that if I have “money” I will have everything I want. But I’ve realized that money can’t buy time, love and happiness.

Deep down I feel that we should never lose a chance to be with the people we really love because we might achieve our dreams but we can’t go back to the time when we needed to be with them.