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Deep Down I Feel Vol 07

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My elder sister has always been the apple of everyone’s eyes purely due to her good nature and kind heart. She would always step forward anybody who is in need, and was sensitive to everyone’s feelings and sentiments.She was equally meritorious as a student and talented in co-curricular activities. She has all along been one of the best students in school. We went to the same school and being my elder sister she was a senior in school too. All the teachers of the school liked her and proud of her performance. I would often be compared to her and told that I need to buck up to be as good as her.

I not only resented this but also the fact that my elder sister would lap up all the limelight, everywhere .and that I appeared a poor match to all her qualities and talents. I never truly loved her and would always wish bad things for her so that I could shine instead of her.

One day I found a piggy bank on my sister’s study table. The piggy bank seemed quite full and heavy when I lifted it. I felt very jealous that my sister should save so much money. I decided to steal the piggy bank and after a few days found my sister discover the stealing.

She was inconsolably devastated at this loss. Later on I learnt the most moving news in my life. My sister apparently had planned to use the money to buy me a watch for my birthday! I was never so disturbed as then when I heard this news. While I have not been able to tell my sister this shocking truth that I had stolen the piggy bank, and have been carrying this guilt in my heart for all these years…

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