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Dental Health; Give your children the best start in life

Dr. Aravind Viswambharan from Bahrain Specialist Hospital tells us more..

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It’s not uncommon for parents to require advice as to when their little ones need dental care. The typical age to start any orthodontic treatment is between 9 and 14 years, however the experts suggest that it is normal for children to be examined at an even younger age.

An early examination helps detect any severe teeth or jaw problems quickly. Studies show that the age of a patient has a vital role in the effectiveness and efficiency of results. “This is a factor that we always keep in mind. Starting treatment, in growing patients at the right time, has proved significant effect in correction of disharmonies in different planes of facial growth.

Examining the skeletal maturity of a person is also important to determine when to apply any clinical practice. A number of biological indicators can be used to determine skeletal maturity, including hand-wrist radiograph, cervical vertebral maturation and even the canine tooth’s root completion.

In some cases though, treatment is purposely delayed by the doctor. For example, this can happen with patients who have a bigger lower jaw than upper jaw. “In these kinds of situations, children need to be treated only after their growth is completed.

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The goal of each orthodontist is to provide each person the most appropriate action at the most appropriate time.

When are braces required?

Your child could need braces for a number of different reasons. Even if your child has straight teeth, it is still recommended to get a professional opinion.

“An overcrowded mouth and an uneven bite can go unnoticed by parents, but they are usually the main reason that children need braces.” Starting the process early doesn’t mean your child will wear braces right away, it means we get a chance to determine any existing problems. Ensure they visit the dentist regularly to keep any irregularities or problems at bay.

Dr. Aravind Viswambharan
Bahrain Specialist Hospital


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