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Designing the Dream Dress

A chat with Mr. Ali Nawrooz, co-founder of The White Veil Weddings

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Marriages are believed to be made in heaven and of course celebrated on earth. Every girl wishes to look spectacular on her wedding day, one of the most awaited days in her life, when all eyes are on her. What more than a perfect wedding dress can bring joy to the bride when she stands hand in hand with her Prince Charming?

Wedding dressmakers are equivalent to the Fairy Godmother who made Cinderella’s enchanting ball gown. In this female-dominated business of wedding couture, BTW introduces you to the man who has masterfully crafted many a dream wedding dress; Mr. Ali Nawrooz.

Currently the Middle East Regional PMO Assistant at Huawei, Ali enjoys the company of different people. A person who seeks to challenge himself every time so that nothing less than perfect is born of his designs, Ali made some time from his busy schedule to chat with our team about being one of Bahrain’s dress makers in demand for a bride’s special day.

  • What inspired you about wedding dresses?

For as long as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to do my own thing. I had been doing several designs for my family and friends but could never satisfy myself. I wanted to do something that would make others also happy, which could also go along with my (fulltime) work. Once, a cousin and I designed and managed a wedding party for one of our relatives. Everyone loved it and from there on, I started living my dream.

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Many a time others have told me that being a guy, running such a business isn’t appropriate. But I kept telling them that appreciation of beauty should not be biased with gender. Everyone values beauty and I’m no different from anyone. So why shouldn’t I be in the business of making women believe in their beauty.

  • What was the inspiration behind your last collection?

All of my collections are picked with love by my cousin and me. The main inspiration has always been wedding nights; the magical night in which a bride presents herself as elegant and beautiful as a queen. She has to wear the best outfit in the entire world on her special day. That is when we decided to bring the best gowns from the international market to town and save her highness the trouble of looking around and getting disappointed.

  • Who would be that special person you would like to make a wedding dress for?

That person has already got the dress… my beloved wife got to wear one of my dresses and she looked fabulous.

  • Do you have a favorite cut or shape? Why?

I personally like all the shapes of wedding dresses, no matter what the cut is. The white bridal gowns always carry with them an indescribable magic to mesmerize our eyes. But my personal favorite is the lace fish cut dresses. In my opinion that is the best design ever made as it gives the woman the desired feminine look on her big day.

  • Tell us a little about your collections and your experience at Bahrain International Design Week (BIDW).

BIDW was a different experience and a huge step forward for our business. My partner and I had quite a long discussion on the pros and cons of getting involved in this exhibition as we were just beginning in the market. Luckily for us, with almighty’s grace, it turned out perfect. We got the chance to meet a lot of people during the three days of the exhibitions. Few of them have eventually become our loyal buyers and others loved our booth and dresses and thought it was the prettiest of the many they had seen. We had invested a lot in that exhibition and it paid off well and I am really proud of that. We were also able to organise a fashion show of our designs at BIDW. It was amazing to see our work being displayed for the public for the first time. To listen to the applause from the crowd as they admired every piece in our collection made me feel proud and happy about the job that we are doing with The White Veil Weddings. 

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